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Whether you’re searching for the best suburbs around New York City, a small hamlet in the country, a town, a village, or for a rural community in Upstate New York www.bestplace has the tools and network to provide today’s home buyers with the search capabilities and professional representation needed to find the right community, find the right home, and pay the right price. 

Living in the city is not always conducive to getting out to the country to view each town, village, or hamlet you are considering as a possibility.  Even if you could, renting a car, driving to there, and attempting to find out specific information on the lifestyle and amenities can be difficult.  This is where BP2M will start to help you make this process more streamlined, informative, and efficient.  We help you dip into local knowledge without even renting a car.

Using the search options you can choose from any number of lifestyle choices to narrow down the most meaningful communities for you.  Every home buyer has a list of preferences when it comes to where they want to live and what type of house they want to live in.  We simply clarify the process for finding these things.  Commuters have a guideline of the time it takes to travel into Manhattan, second home buyers may want a rural equestrian community to get away to, or maybe you live out of state and are looking to relocate.

 Best Place 2 Move provides our clients with personally researched community specific information regarding lifestyle, community statistics, and kid’s activities.  We are partnered with to provide clients who have children as a priority the information about local school rankings, as well as the taxes associated with the school district.  Whatever you are looking for in a suburb, town, village, or hamlet within a 3 hour radius of Central Park you can find on

Once you have narrowed down your choices to 2 or 3 places you would like to call home you can start to think about the house itself.  BP2M offers a premium service to clients who select to gain access to our exclusive network of buyer’s agents and selected brokerages in each of the communities we profile.

Being represented by a buyer’s agent is perhaps the most important decision you can make in this process.  Having an engaged, knowledgeable, experienced real estate professional advising and negotiating for you is the best advantage you can give yourself.  The general thinking amongst home buyers is to search online for a house and then calling the listing agent attached to that house to get information and possibly view it.  It may seem as if this is the smart thing to do because the listing agent is familiar with a property, but the truth is they are bound to represent their client’s interests above yours, and rightly so. As a buyer your best advantage comes from having a buyer’s agent represent your interests above all, and they most certainly will.

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