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Save time, energy, and money using

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Save yourself the drive and check out our community profiles.

BP2M has done the legwork researching and profiling hundreds of communities within a 3 mile radius of Central Park so you can have all the information at the click of a mouse.  Our profiles give you all the information on the lifestyle, amenities, and attractions a community has to offer.  We are also partnered with to provide you with school rankings and tax information regarding all the schools districts located there.  Instead of travelling the hours to view the communities you may or may not be interested in, spend a few minutes of to view each profile that meets your search criteria.

Save yourself the energy and work with our search coordinators.

Working with our search coordinators will make your search more meaningful and efficient.  They will guide you through using the tools on so you get the best results.  Whether it’s a suburb, rural town, village, or hamlet you are looking for, our search coordinators will guide the process and you will decide what communities suit you.  The search for a place to live does not have to be overwhelming; Best Place 2 Move gives you all the tools and assistance needed to find exactly what you desire.

Save yourself the money and get matched with an experienced, reputable buyer’s agent.

Being well represented during the real estate transaction can literally save you thousands.  The selected brokerages we partner with have been chosen based on our high standards of performance. 

The agents we match you with:

 Are in the top 20% of performance statistics in their market

 Have a thorough, proven knowledge of the real estate process in their area

 Have a thorough, proven knowledge of the communities in their market

 Are in good standing with their local REALTOR authorities

 Have been licensed for at least two years

 Work full time

The Companies they work for:

 Have been in business for at least 3 years

Are in good standing with local REALTOR authorities

Are among the top 3 independent companies within their MLS

Have a proven track record

Have high standards of business practice and ethical behavior

 Hand pick agents to work with buyers – do not assign agents by rotation

Best Place 2 Move gives its clients the advantage of having everything they need right at their fingertips.  We guide ~ You decide.

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