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who needs more emails?

the whole DIY aspect of looking for real estate seems like a great idea.  You’d think that if you spend hours on the computer scouring hundreds and hundreds of listings that you’d be putting yourself at an advantage when it comes actually looking at houses and cutting to the chase. 

Trouble is online photos can be a great equalizer.  Two houses for sale in the same suburb that’s easily commutable from the city, might look comparable from the pictures presented on or one of the gazillions of real estate web sites that share the same listing database.  Both have a nice clapboard exterior, healthy looking tree out front and a bit of landscaping.  The rooms (if you get past some of the interior decorating) might look spacious and in good shape and the description makes the whole package quite palatable.  What you might not realize is that one of them might be bang on a pretty busy road, and that tree and lawn is actually the only thing between you and the entrance to a quarry.  Or that the view from the back is of a landfill.

The other problem is, your email will get clogged up by a bunch of realtors sites that will keep sending you listings and updates, probably for the same properties if they are in the same area.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great to browse around at houses for sale online to get an idea of what’s available in the price range and area you are looking at, but if you really want to zoom in on properties that have what you want the smartest thing to do is find a buyers agent, with great credentials, to talk to you about the context of that listing before you set your heart on it.  Our buyers agents have access to ALL properties on the market, suburbs, towns, villages, and rural communities within a three hour radius of Central Park and can search the MLS using refined filters to come up with better matches.   The selling agent who is listed as the contact on the houses you see online won’t (quite appropriately) give you the same perspective, as they’re working for the seller and want you to come see that house it no matter what.

We did a lot of research to establish our network of selected brokers, we’re unbiased, they’re top of their game and know their markets and most of the listings inside and out.   Seems silly not to take advantage 

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