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Which Suburb of NYC is the Best One? – The How of Real Estate Search

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The Where of Real Estate

My eyes blur over when I look at a map of the region. NYC stands there on an island but then the three states stretch out in an immense triangle, East, North, North-East not to mention the leg of Long Island which remains its own mystery. Names upon names stack against themselves. Some of them I’ve heard about over time, some of them I just THINK I’ve heard about. Most of them are no different than any other. And one name that doesn’t sound so great might be a fantastic town for me and my family, while another with a name that sounds posh might hide the worse choice.

How do you START breaking apart the map?

Not Houses…Communities

Well, the way most people go about it is a little backwards. It’s not their fault because until recently it really was the only tool readily available. And that is to start from the particular, the smallest place. Nearly everyone starts by searching for houses. They have very general sense of where they would like to live. They simply plug in dollar amounts, bedrooms, and away they go as if they are buying something on ebay. Aside from the serious set back that pictures of a house tell you almost nothing about the context of the house, and may even be deceptive of house itself – they are sales photos after all – there is the reality that everything that surrounds that house is cut off from view. You can hop from house to house to house and you will remain in the dark to just about the same degree no matter how long you look. At some point you have to pull back and see the community itself.

That is where our suggestion comes in. Why not start from the community first or in tandem with your house search? Why not set up a few parameters and look to see just what kinds of life are available to you? It may be that while you thought you wanted to live 70 miles East in NJ, you find out you would rather live 60 miles North in NY. You may have thought you’d be happy in Connecticut, when instead something in Long Island by the shore better suits you. That is the advantage of our community search and data base. You can begin your search in the context of the life you would like to have. Picturing a change in life vividly, in advance, is one of the best ways of making sure that it comes about.

Sure, you can still house hunt flipping through listings, but do so armed with a more complete sense of where it is you are looking. Narrow down and shape your search, and make your search capable of surprising you. And then reach out and talk to knowledgeable experts in whatever community you find appealing. See what your dollars can get you.

You will not regret the extra perspective.

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