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Found a House Online Outside of New York City…What Next?

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So you’ve found a house online somewhere outside of NYC. From the pictures it looks pretty nice, and the price is at least in the ballpark of what you could possibly swing. You’ve been looking through hundreds of these pics and summaries and this one definitely has caught your eye. So what to do?

Well, there are a few things to consider. First of all where in the world is this house. You found it in the context of so many other houses, but what community is it in? What are the people like that will be living near you, going to the grocery store with you, going to your church, or sending their kids to school? Perhaps this is a town or hamlet that you know about, a name with recognition. Are there other towns like this one with better values in them? Perhaps it would be smart to build a short list of houses and communities, so you can feel that you have a choice when it comes down to negotiating. These are the kinds of things that the site is created for, fleshing out all the details that make us have a surer footing when making these bigger sized decisions. Can any of us really know what we want and if we can get it by searching through thumbnail photographs?

What is also really good at is putting you in touch with high standard real estate professional who know the community and market your house is in. This is exceedingly important. Where exactly is this house in relation to the town? Is there a “preferred” part of town, and a not so preferred? What are the nuances that will matter? Does this main road that you might depend on get flooded, or not plowed frequently? Is there a great sense of privacy that you really would cherish? We all know minute things about where we live that someone moving in simply wouldn’t. The professionals that have become our partners are these kinds of folks, the ones with a vivid picture of everything that comes along with that thumbnail of a beautiful house.

And lastly there is this. If you’ve found a home online the last thing you might want to do is contact the seller’s agent. And the reason for this is that the seller’s agent is working for the seller, not you. What few people realize is that you have the option to have your own agent, and that quite often that fee would have simply been built into the negotiated price of the transaction anyways. If you simply contact the agent who represents the house on the market, you could have given away some distinct advantages of both knowledge and price. And this is something that has been organized around as well. It is meant to help you find independent professionals who can represent you when thinking about a house or community found online, a necessary second step in making a house purchase in this somewhat strained economy.

So if you’ve found something that interests you, come on over to and look through our community profiles to gain some perspective on your house and its town. And then let us put you in touch with a high-standard buyer’s agent who can let you in on additionals you might want to know and represent your interests in the potential purchase.

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