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I found myself at The Mohonk Mountain House, just outside of New Paltz, NY a few years ago, after being reluctantly dragged to a corporate offsite bonding expedition. The merits of hugging coworkers while balancing on a tractor tyre and figuring out how to climb through rope walls in a cohesive team building way was admittedly lost on me, but what I did come away with was a very strong sense that I needed to have horses in my life and spend more time out of the city. That was the start of it for me.

Instead of bonding even more on a rock climb with my director peers, I opted (quite an unpopular move I might add) to go to the barn and take a trail ride on the one afternoon where we had two hours of free time. I remember riding this very average horse through the most amazing trails listening to the guide assigned to take me out, talk about how her and her boyfriend were fighting over whether he needed a new truck or she needed a new horse the most. I was pea green with envy. After ten years of serious grafting for a major magazine publishing company in the city, living ‘the life’ and eating in every restaurant you could muster, I was so over it and couldn’t imagine a more exciting problem to have. I thought to myself, hell I can buy any truck or horse I want but the problem is I’m just not living in the right place to do it.

The good news was the guide was totally cool, could tell that I was an accomplished rider so we had a fantastic fast pace ride and covered a lot of ground, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The bad news was my head was spinning – my contribution to the rest of the corporate nicey-nice was pretty much non existent and I pledged to myself that I needed to make a move and get horses back in my life in a meaningful way. 10 years later, living on a small farm in Ulster County with two beautiful horses, a decent truck and a whole life recreated around being able to have that I guess I should be more of a supporter of offsite meetings!

The great news is that although it took me 2 years and a lot of gas driving around Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia and Delaware counties trying to figure out what was going on where before I finally settled in the right place, with you can figure it out a whole lot quicker.

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