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Suburbs outside of new york city: Where to Move

So you went to a barbecue in Nyack and sat on your friends deck, or you visited family in Katonah and went to the cool bistro in town but are these experiences really enough to base your decision on where to move when you want to get out of the the city?

We didn’t think so.

If you really want to get a taste or feel of what it’s like to live and or work in a variety of communities within a three hour radius of central park do a search on our site. You can search based on drive or commute time, the station you want to commute from, or if you want to take a ferry to work, proximity to a mall, airports, hospitals or a buddhist temple – you tell us what matters to you and we’ll tell you where to look. AND we’ll hook you up with a great local realtor who can advise you on house values, conduct a search for houses to look at and educate you about local issues, environmental concerns and put you in the picture about the places you shortlist.

Seems silly not to.

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