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Real Estate Trends – report from ‘Real Estate Connect – NYC

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January 20th, 2010 By Harris Safier:

I just returned from Inman News’ “Real Estate Connect- NYC” In attendance was a great number of top real estate and Internet innovators and leaders. Days were filled with up to the minute information about changes in the industry, trends, and visions of the future. Technology, the web and social networking media were the predominant topics at every session. The message, loud and clear from the speakers: we will be doing business in very different and exciting ways in the coming decade. Inspirational, even after 3 decades in the biz.

What was clear is that gen-X and gen-Y consumers no longer need REALTORS to locate and select homes for them. They need professionals for other aspects of purchasing a home. The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) annual report; 2009 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, indicates the growing trend that now over 80% of all buyers begin their search on the Internet, and review homes online. Speakers at “Connect” encouraged us to accept the fact– consumers can find and review photos and tours of just about every home for sale, anywhere, from their computer, or hand-held device. Recent buyers indicated they needed REALTORS for: full knowledge of neighborhood attributes, character, and nuanced differences between those neighborhoods considered. Buyers also expressed that they needed professionals for knowledge of real estate transactions in a specific marketplace where they purchased. (transactions vary widely by location and common practice) And, they continue to want professionals for negotiation skills and knowledge of fair market value in specific locations, as well as to introduce them to the best service providers for the purchase process and after they move to a new neighborhood. They also value introductions to social networks as they settle in a new community. does exactly this. Our network of hand-picked, market leading REALTORS has been prescreened by us and carefully selected to represent our clients in over 36 counties within a three hour radius of NYC. What most Internet users and those recent home purchasers represented in the NAR survey miss, is that when they choose to contact the listing agent of a property, they are most likely about to rely on the seller’s agent to help them determine value, and to negotiate the sale. Ordinarily, the listing agent is committed to representing only the seller’s interests, certainly on initial contact with a buyer-prospect. Leaving so many factors to chance, the seller’s agent may not be a great personality match, or communication style match for the prospective buyer. She certainly may not know much about the prospect’s interests, such as commuter links, golf, or equestrian resources. What home seekers need is a way to find their personal best agent–the one who knows what they need her to know, and can communicate when and how they need her to. provides the opportunity for home seekers to find their perfectly matched REALTOR who knows the areas as an insider and has the skills and communication style best suited to accomplish the home seeker’s personal goal.

The ‘agent match’ section of enables users to select criteria that are important to them in finding a professional ‘match’. It’s the first step in a simple process that will ensure their interests are professionally and thoroughly represented for possibly the biggest purchase of a lifetime. This is a vital component for success, especially in a buyer’s market like the one we are now experiencing. Ask your questions, set your parameters for when and how to communicate, and see the way it should work. You won’t look back.


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